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“The love for photography goes back a long time ago, but getting this to a professional level has been a decision which was made not so long ago.

Back in 1998, when entering the school for photography in the Netherlands, I was very straight in my ideas and wanted to do a couple of additional levels after my diploma for photography would have been achieved: Photo-journalism and Wildlife. How those two had to be combined in any future career I didn’t know at that time. But both ‘journalism’ as well as ‘wildlife’ would probably give me a chance to travel the world. Of course; only when I would be good enough for potential employers to actually hire me…

This was at the time when analog photography changed to digital photography. Where I sat in my darkroom developing my own pictures, making spreadsheets with pricing lists in order to be ready for any future orders for any future customers, I didn’t feel too much with this digitalization of the photography-world and so it was quite hard to actually find a job in photography and so I endep up working in Logitsitcs and Transportation for quite a long time.

In the year of 2009 the passion for photography really came to life again after the birth of my first son. But in that year I also ended up having my own company of logistics and transportation; the struggle to get this all done was hard but 5 years later, I found myself sitting within an interesting network owning two companies in both the Netherlands and Chile.

Somewhere in those years I also got lucky to find a decent digital camera and so the chase for more knowledge was on. I was about to get into the digitalized world of photography in whatever kind of way, finding out whatever would be necessary to get myself up-to-date with this new way of photography. I loved it, and still do!

Today the equipment is not what it used to be back in the days of film and those days of the darkroom will probably never come back to life again as we have known them. However; today’s equipment is just great for today’s and future photography. So it is time to look ahead and start doing what I believe I am good at because I love doing it: “Photography from my Soul”. The dark room has been changed for sophisticated computer-software and the old film-SLR has been changed for a sophisticated ‘beast’ and is opening interesting levels for not only my style but for any style of photography today.

I currently live in Chile where I am a full time photographer / designer which keeps me and my family going today and hopefully for many years to come.

Take your time to look at my photographs on this website which all mean something special to me. Only my best are being made public; the rest are part of my learning process.”


Have A Nice Day !!!

Alejandro Quezada
Artist and Founder

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Alejandro Quezada - Fine-Art Artist